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dot-files GitHub Repository

After setting up my dot files on different computers, and accounts a million and a half times, I decided to try to make life a little bit more easy and automate a few things. I’ve created a GitHub repository that contains all of my dot files and added a script that semi intelligently links them for you. The .bash_profile (.bashrc on linux) and .vimrc are set up such that they install most of the dependencies for osx or linux on their own. My goal is to make these where I use the same dot files for all computers and OS’s and have them work the same, doing whatever smartness in the background so that I/you don’t have to think about it.

I’ll add more detail to what all they’re doing a little at a time as well as some of the things that I hope to do with them down the road. Please share your tips and tricks in your dotfiles as I’d love to encorporate as much awesomeness as possible!

The Repo